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How do you choose your financial advisor?

Too often people “fall into” working with a financial advisor without knowing much about them.

Most people don’t know these answers, and the consequences of “falling into” this important relationship are detrimental.

  • Is your advisor a product broker?
  • How is your advisor compensated?
  • What is your advisor actually charging?
  • Is their advice based on your entire financial picture?
  • What are you paying in fees on your investments?

Relationships are just as important as results.
A Financial Partnership is more valuable than pre-packaged services.
Collaboration is more impactful than generic advice.

About Us

With over two decades of experience, Stuart Canzeri has been helping their clients achieve the financial freedom to live an abundant life. As Independent Registered Investment Advisors, the partners at Peachtree Financial Group work exclusively for their clients – not for a financial corporation.

Stuart Canzeri, Atlanta Magazine’s 2014/2015/2016 Five Star Wealth Manager Award recipient1, began his financial services career in mortgage banking in 2000. Stuart is married with two sons and is active in his church. He also serves as Board Chairman and Commissioner of Fulton County’s Housing Authority.

1The Five Star Wealth Manager award program is the most widely published and largest award program for the financial services industry in the U.S. They have partnered with Atlanta Magazine to honor these professionals and recognize their achievements. To receive the Five Star Wealth Manager award, a wealth manager must satisfy 10 objective eligibility and evaluation criteria that are associated with wealth managers who provide quality services to their clients. Factors taken into account include assets under management and client retention rate.

At Peachtree, our clients are introduced to the Financial X-Ray Process, which assesses all aspects of our clients’ financial lives.

This allows you to make financial decisions based on your personal goals, NOT products.


Increase wealth without additional out-of-pocket outlay

Validate the success of their money decisions before actually making them

Develop contingency plans

Learn how ensure the retirement that have worked so hard for


Give you greater access to your money and a greater understanding of how your money is working for you

Provide total needs-based and value-based insurance protection

Show you a verifiable financial process that provides organization of your financial documents


Step 1.


■ Meet to discuss and assess your personal situation
■ Does Financial X-ray make sense for you?

Step 2.


■ Review completed questionnaire and financial documents provided
■ Create and deliberate your complete financial profile

Step 3.


■ Compile and present results of your profile analysis
■ Begins with your present financial situation, leads into your future situation.

Step 4.


■ Begin implementing agreed upon strategies to maximize your wealth creation

Step 5.


■ Maintain the role of the Macro Manager for your financial wellbeing
■ Meet on regular basis to review and modify when necessary
■ Reflect on any changes in your financial status and recommend implementation of changes when necessary


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