How do you choose a financial adviser?

Often people “fall into” working with a financial advisor without knowing much about them. Do you know  . . .

  • If your advisors is a product broker?
  • How your advisor is compensated?
  • What your advisor actually charges?
  • If your investments are balanced for risk?
  • If advise is based on your entire financial picture?

The consequences of “falling into” this important relationship can be quite costly.

Meet David Hughes and Stuart Canzeri - partners at Peachtree Financial Group

We’re not clairvoyant, but we do believe that we can help you make better and more informed financial decisions that save you money and help you earn better returns over time.

How are we able to help you save money and potentially improve your returns on your investments?

We know you.

We advise you based on a thorough understanding of your entire financial picture including insurance,  lifestyle, property etc. Knowing the whole picture – how everything works together we can make sure that you can make informed decisions that impact your bottom line over time.

We know your risk tolerance.

Before investing your money, we have you take a risk analysis profile. We can then make investment decisions that are within your tolerance for risk. We can see that your investments stay in your safe zone over time.

Our advice is in your best interest.

Our fees are for our advice and are not based on commission. We are advisors rather than sales reps.

We are not paid by commission.


We are independent Registered investment advisors (RIA) who only make recommendations based on the best approach for your particular circumstances. We are not required by anyone to sell particular products that are not in your best interest.

We help you stay calm in turbulent markets.

We help you keep you from making hasty or emotional decisions in turbulent markets so you don’t buy high and sell low. Most people need an objective third party to help them with their money as they are too emotionally invested to make decisions.

Take this free risk analysis questionnaire and understand where you stand on the types of investments you need.

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